*this is not the complete list of tunes, but a representative sample of the repertoire, with sources, which are not always the same as authors*

WE CAN WORK IT OUT - THE BEATLES                                                                         I'M DOWN - THE BEATLES

MIGHTY STORM - TOM RUSH                                                                                       MYSTERY TRAIN - ELVIS PRESLEY

THE BOXER - SIMON & GARFUNKEL                                                                              HARD TIMES - STEPHEN FOSTER

HULA LOVE - BUDDY KNOX                                                                                           QUARTER MOONS - CHERYL WHEELER

CORRINA - TAJ MAHAL                                                                                                 CHIMES OF FREEDOM - THE BYRDS

YOU'VE GOT TO HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY - THE BEATLES                                               QUEEN JANE - THE DAILY FLASH

HIGH LIFE - STEVE WINWOOD                                                                                     FOR NO ONE - THE BEATLES

MATCHBOX - CARL PERKINS                                                                                        SCOTCH 'N SODA - THE KINGSTON TRIO

FOREVER TO LOVE - THE DAILY FLASH                                                                         ROAD TO ENSENADA - LYLE LOVETT

WRECKING BALL - NEIL YOUNG                                                                                    JUSTINE - DICK AND DALE

TWO BRIDGES - THE DAILY FLASH                                                                              THE FOX - NICKEL CREEK

SUMMER STATE OF MIND - NANCI GRIFFITH                                                                MISS ANN - LITTLE RICHARD

BABY, PLEASE DON'T GO - THE DAILY FLASH                                                               AMAZING RISIN' SUN - THE DAILY FLASH

CAN'T FIND MY WAY HOME - BLIND FAITH                                                                   GREEN ROCKY ROAD - THE DAILY FLASH

JUST A LITTLE BIT - STEVE MILLER                                                                              FRENCH GIRL - THE DAILY FLASH

LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE - THE EAGLES                                                                     TAKE MY HAND - THE DAILY FLASH

PARADISE - JOHN PRINE                                                                                              KEEP YOUR DISTANCE - BUDDY MILLER

DARKNESS - THE YOUNGBLOODS                                                                                 WEARY TUNE - THE BYRDS

DON'T DO IT - MARVIN GAYE                                                                                        LOUIE, LOUIE - THE KINGSMEN

ROLLIN' & TUMBLIN' - CREAM                                                                                       PLAY WITH FIRE - ROLLING STONES

EIGHT MILES HIGH - THE BYRDS                                                                                  MY BACK PAGES - THE BYRDS

TIME OF THE SEASON - THE ZOMBIES                                                                           HELLO IN THERE - JOHN PRINE

HEART FULL O' SOUL - THE YARDBIRDS                                                                        NOT FADE AWAY - BUDDY HOLLY

LET IT BE ME - THE EVERLY BROTHERS                                                                         CANTALOUPE ISLAND - THE DAILY FLASH

WILD MOUNTAIN THYME - THE DAILY FLASH                                                                 LONG TALL SALLY - LITTLE RICHARD

RIP IT UP - LITTLE RICHARD                                                                                         PETER GUNN - HENRY MANCINI

AFRICA - TOTO                                                                                                             MONA - BO DIDDLEY

SHE DOESN'T HAVE A HEART - THE DAILY FLASH                                                          JACK OF DIAMONDS - THE DAILY FLASH

VIOLETS OF DAWN - THE MITCHELL TRIO                                                                     BUT FOR YOUR LOVE - THE DAILY FLASH

SUZANNA - THE DAILY FLASH                                                                                       BIRDSES - THE DAILY FLASH

RIDE - THE DAILY FLASH                                                                                              BACKBEAT MUSIC - THE DAILY FLASH


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