Check them out. There are some real gems here.




Pacific Northwest Bands is a great site, created and maintained by Sam Carlson, (a fine musician in his own right - ) that's a guide to the musicians of the Pacific Northwest, 1954 to 1979. If you're trying to find a particular band, or just want to find out what's happening locally, this is the place to do it. Check out the Daily Flash page!

Lysergia bills itself as a fairly definitive site for Psychedelic music. The Lama Workshop within this website is the repository of interviews and articles on psychedelia, garage and folk/rock. You'll find the Daily Flash page at

The Ptolemaic Terrascope is a wonderful British magazine, covering all kinds of music. A few years ago, they published an article by Neal Skok on The Daily Flash, and they've kindly put a link to the pdf on their site.  "Flashing Lonesome with The Daily Flash"

Rhinoceros, a site dedicated to the 60's group (which included the Flash's own Doug Hastings), has a truly superlative page on The Daily Flash. Take a look at

Jon Keliehor (of the original Flash) lives in Scotland now, writing and performing new and innovative electro-acoustic music, both majestic soundscapes and more intimate, touching compositions. Check out his music at

In their off times, Steve Peterson and Craig Bystrom (of the current Flash) have alter egos that play with the Kingsmen. Check out the history of one of the first NW rock bands. And don't forget to check out

The Flash's own Barry Curtis now has his own website, where you can find out where he and his various bands are performing. A man of many talents!

The Daily Flash now has a store at, selling all sorts of Flash gear, from buttons to T-shirts. Check it out at


Jim Valley was an integral part of the 60s, from The Viceroys to Don & the Goodtimes and Paul Revere and the Raiders. Now on his own, he makes beautiful music for children of all ages.

Jini Dellaccio is truly an amazing photographer. Over the years she's taken pictures of everyone, including The Daily Flash, Bodine, The Wailers, The Sonics, The Rolling Stones and Neil Young, to name only a few. Check out her site for more information.

40 years or so ago, give or take, Jef Jaisun wrote Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent, and things have never been the same. Check out his home page, or go to and check out some of his brilliant photography.

Alice Stuart and her band were voted Number One Blues Band by the Seattle Weekly in 2004. Find out why by visiting her site.

Tom Lewis Canadian transplant, was a submariner in the British Navy for 25 years, and brings his unique perspective to the maritime music he writes and sings. A great performer, he has several CDs for sale, and you'll find The Daily Flash as guest artists on one of them.

William Pint and Felicia Dale The Seattle Times listed Pint and Dale as "one of the country's finest maritime singing duets", but don't take the newspaper's word for it. Listen to them yourself! They're much more than just maritime music.

Janice Wagner is a wonderfully talented artist. Her work ranges from breathtaking wall-size murals to subtle and delicate flowers and watercolours. All of them are masterpieces.

Reggie Miles is a master of the musical saw and washboard. Reggie, with J.W. Weiss and the Flash's own Steve Lalor, performed as Tao Jones. He's a man of many talents, from Delta style bottleneck blues to harmonica and back to ragtime.

Grinders Hot Sands has THE best east coast style grinders in the known universe. The beer and wine lists are inspired and extensive. Their bread pudding is to die for, and Mitch and his family are the nicest people you ever want to meet.

When Steve Lalor needs expert repair work on his oldest Martin, Mary, he takes her to Brian Nelson. Not only does he do great guitar repairs and modifications, he also builds some of the loveliest electric guitars  you've ever seen.







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